Online Dating Still Has a Ways to Go

We are all familiar with popular dating sites like Zoosk, Christian Mingle, Eharmony, and Some of us may even know couples who have met using such sites. But if we are to believe statistics from places like Pew Research, there is still quite a bit of resistance to online dating.

A decade ago, 29% of the population thought that only desperate people use dating sites. While the number of people who believe this has fallen, a recent poll revealed that 23% of those polled still thought of dating sites as something used by the desperate members of society. That's only a drop of 6% in ten years, and it seems online dating still has some stigma attached to it. I suspect the numbers will continue to fall, but it seems the views on online dating are changing at a glacial pace.

Among young people (18-24), dating site usage has gone up quite a bit, from 10% to 27% in the last ten years. Overall, about 20% of the population has tried online dating. That means 80% of the population, which is an overwhelming majority, has not tried online dating all.

As some recent commercials (see below) have shown, many people who have not tried online dating could not articulate a reason for their reluctance to try online dating. Given a nudge, however, these same people seemed more than willing to give a try.


Therefore, if you have not joined a dating site, I think it may be a good move to visit and get a 3-day free trial so that you can see for yourself what you've been missing. It's easier to try online dating if you don't have to pay anything upfront, and using a free trial offer is the best way to do this.