Getting Started with Ecigs

I'll be honest -- getting started with ecigs can be quite the confusing ordeal. When I first got started, I read numerous articles, and still couldn't put it all together. You'll hear terms like coils, atomizers, variable voltage, and propylene glycol. It was only after vaping for a while that it all started to make sense to me.


The key is not to try sweat over things in the beginning. I recommend buying a simple, small e-cigarette with only two components: the battery and the cartomizer. This way, you can get started quickly. The best starter kit for this type of e-cigarette (sometimes called a "cigalike" because they resemble ordinary cigarettes) is the Volcano Magma Starter Kit. Don't make the mistake of buying a cheap ecig when you start, as this can taint your perception of ecigarettes. The Volcano brand, on the other hand, is a trusted brand that offers top-notch ecigarettes that you cannot go wrong with. Ecigarettes on the whole are much cheaper than regular cigarettes, but if you have limited funds, you can search for a Volcano ecigs coupon code. This can often save you 10% of more on your purchases.

While using the smaller ecigs like the Magma, the only real decision one must make is what flavor cartridges to order. A bit of experimentation is necessary to find the flavors you like. But if you're trying to quit smoking, it's recommended that you select the tobacco flavors since that will make the transition from cigarettes to ecigs easier.