Eharmony's Algorithm: How Powerful is It?

In my last article, I talked about how well works. Today, I'll be taking a look at one of's biggest competitors, Eharmony. You have no doubt heard of this dating site, as it is quite famous and features in numerous television commercials. But while both are dating sites, Eharmony differs from in quite a few ways.

girl dating on the eharmony site

The main difference is that Eharmony uses an algorithm to find matches on your behalf. This algorithm has been the subject of much debate, but it seems to be effective, as it has generated good results for Eharmony members, over a million of whom have gotten married. A recent news story revealed that the same algorithm is now going to be used by certain job sites to match job applicants to employers. It seems, therefore, that there is something to Eharmony's algorithm, and it has more than its share of believers.

No algorithm is perfect, but Eharmony's system is based on science (or more specifically, psychology). For many years, Psychologists has amalgamated the factors that lead to a successful relationship. Eharmony uses 29 dimensions of compatibility to find your ideal match.

But how does Eharmony even know who will be a good match for you? The answer is, they use answers that you provide to hundreds of questions that you must answer when you first join the site. The test, while a bit long, is definitely comprehensive, and does a good job of getting to the core of your personality. The one thing I'm unsure of, however, is whether this test is updated as scientists learn new things about relationships and compatibility. I have a feeling it is not, since the questions seem to be the same ones I saw a few years back. But I am not 100% sure on this point. If you want to see what the test is like, you can join Eharmony using a free trial offer. Don't worry, you don't need to provide credit card information and you won't be charged blindly. To get the free trial, simply go to

Since it's free to join Eharmony and take the test, I think the best way to judge how well Eharmony works is to sign up for a free account and start receiving matches. Then, read the profiles of the people you are matched with. If you find them interesting and feel like chatting with them, then that is a good sign that Eharmony is working its magic. On the other hand, if your matches do not interest you in any way, shape, or form, then maybe the Eharmony system isn't right for you, and you may be better off using a different dating site.